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How to Backwash Your Pool

  1. Firstly, make sure you have enough water in the pool to carry out a back wash, ¾ way up the skimmer box should be fine.
  2. Turn the pump off.
  3. Disconnect suction cleaner from skimmer box including Vacuum plate
  4. Empty both skimmer Baskets
  5. Your Sand filter will most likely have a multi-port with Six different settings (Filter, Rinse, Closed, Backwash, Recirculate, Waste)
  6. Make sure all the valves in the backwash discharge lines are open
  7. Turn the multiport handle to ‘backwash position’ 180 degrees from filter position.
  8. Turn the pump on.
  9. You will see water flow through the backwash line.
  10. Continue running this until the water in the sight glass runs clear.    (Typically, a couple of minutes.)
  11. Turn the pump off
  12. Turn the multiport handle to ‘rinse position’
  13. Turn the pump on for 30 seconds
  14. Turn the pump off.
  15. Move the multi-port back to (Filter position) The handle should back around 180 degrees.
  16. Finally, turn the pump back on and water should flow back through the jets
  17. Make sure the backwash line is not leaking when back on filter position
  18. Reconnect Vac Plate and suction cleaner.
  19. Refill the pool to correct level
  20. Test and rebalance the pool with the appropriate chemicals. You can follow these steps here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the back-wash water go to?

Typically your backwash water will go into a Soak well, Garden bed, lawn. Make sure your electric motor on your pool pump doesn’t get submerged in your backwash water.

How long does it take to backwash?

Backwashing can take a few minutes to complete