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Swimming pools are a symbol of luxury. A combination of architecture and surroundings can create a breathtaking design and an unforgettable experience.

We have researched some of the most inspiring and unique swimming pools around the world and created our top ten list of these amazing places to visit where you can take a dip in their exclusive pools.

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

This is the world’s highest infinity pool reserved exclusively for the hotel’s guests. It is situated on the 57th floor, on top of the three towers that make up the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort. Swimming up to the edge of the infinity pool, which overlooks Singapore’s financial district, it feels as though you are about to swim off the edge of the building. The resort was billed as the most expensive casino property at the time of its opening in 2010, at a whopping S$8 billion. Engineers installed custom legs to the bottom of the swimming pool’s ship-like hull to help it adjust as the building settles into the ground over the years.

Villa on the Rocks

You can rent this private villa on Airbnb for roughly A$1500 per night. This villa is secluded and built in to a cliff nearby the Mediterranean Sea in France. What makes it so special is the stand out aquarium pool which is attached to the villa with a window partition where you can watch your guests swim as you laze around indoors. This is architectural art at its finest. It was built by the architect Rudy Ricciotti around a central element: the 28-metre long swimming pool with transparent walls. Swimmers can therefore enjoy the breathtaking view of the very large garden or the interior of the house if they put their heads underwater.



San Alfonso Del Mar

If you ever make it to Chile, make sure you visit this resort to check out what was crowned by the Guiness Book of World Records as the largest pool in the world when it opened in 2006. This pool stretches over 1km across the coastline and pumps and filters water in from the Pacific Ocean. Holding almost 250 million litres of seawater it can fit 20 olympic size pools in to it. The modern warming system ensures the water remains a balmy 26C all year round. The manmade lagoon is so large that residents play all types of water sports such as kayaking, sailboating, and have fun down inflatable slides.

The Tank

Want to swim in a pool surrounded by sharks and not have any fear? You can in Las Vegas of course. The US$30 million dollar pool at The Golden Nugget hotel has an oceanarium right in the middle of it which holds 5 species of sharks and 300 species of fish. Swimming in the pool gives you the feeling of being under water surrounded by the marine animals. Its a pretty cool experience to say the least with three levels to choose from, artificial waterfalls and a slide through the fish tank!

Honegg Villa Hotel

This is the most dreamiest pool with spectacular panoramic views of the Swiss Alps overlooking Lake Lucerne. Situated 914m above sea level the pool has a consistent temperature of 34C even in the winter. When the clouds fall below the hotel level it feels as though you’re in heaven floating above them. This pool has become so famous thanks to Instagram it no longer needs to advertise. It is what dreams are made of.


A world-record breaking facility allowing thrill-seekers to dive into another dimension. The 60-meter pool is the deepest in the world giving everyone the chance to discover the depth of their potential, as they also discover an underwater world filled with adventure and wonder. It will take several dives to explore this vast underwater city, which is filled with adventure and wonder. The pool is equipped with 56 cameras to ensure safety of the divers. State-of-the-art lighting and sound systems create a variety of underwater moods.

Y-40 The Deep Joy

The deepest pool in the world can be found near Venice in Italy. With its consistent temperature ranging between 32-34C you can dive as deep as 40m into this pool. It has varying depths, ledges, a cave, and a viewing panel for those not brave enough to take a deep plunge. It was initially designed for leisure dives and dive training but soon became an attraction for those seeking some more adrenaline.

Top 10 Pools of the World

Hanging Gardens

Imagine bathing in a pool high above the rainforest canopy immersed by the sound of nature and rapids from the Ayung river flowing below. You can make this come true by visiting Ubud in Bali. This tranquil setting includes a multi level infinity pool suspended over the lush jungle. The feng-shui styled pool area will awaken your senses and put your spirit into a state of pure bliss.

Infinity London

Well this pool is in its planning stages but it defeats all that has been done before so we have decided to include this exciting project on to our list and watch the construction closely as its due to begin in 2020. The pool was designed first and the building second. It will have 360 degree sweeping views of London from the 55th floor of a skyscraper. How do you get in you ask? A futuristic submarine style door with a rotating spiral staircase will get you in and out of the pool to ensure no view is blocked. A spectrum of lights will be fitted in the pool floor to provide a skylight on top of the building. To ensure the pool looks perfectly clear cast acrylic will be used on the walls and transparent floor which aims to give the illusion of only water making it look surreal. We cannot wait for the construction to begin.

Blue Lagoon

Located in chilly Iceland, the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa which is believed to have healing properties for people with skin diseases such as psoriasis. Contrary to what many believe, the lagoon shaped pools are manmade and situated in a lava field that provides the mineral-rich, milky, blue water supplied from the geothermal power station. The algae, white silica mud and steam are all natural occurrences. With over a million visitors each year, including celebrities it deserves a mention on our list.