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A green pool is an indicator that algae is in the water. It is important to treat the green pool water in order to make it safe for swimming. We have created some simple steps for you to follow to help you treat your green pool water.

How long has the pool been green? Weeks? Months? Maybe years? The longer the pool has been green, the harder it is to rectify the pool water chemistry.

How much debris is in the bottom? Are there leaves from neighbouring trees, kids toys, rocks, sand or sticks? All debris must be removed with a leaf rake prior to fixing the pool water chemistry.

Where can you pump dirty water (approximately 5000lts) at the end of the Green Pool Treatment?

  • Backwash line
  • Soak well
  • Garden bed

Are the walls covered in algae? Depending on the pool construction, different pool brooms/brushes may be needed. Stainless steel brushes may negatively impact vinyl and tiled surfaces.

Step by step instructions on how to treat green pool water

  1. Scoop the bottom of the pool with a leaf rake. The more you remove the easier it is to vacuum. Take your time. It can take up to and hour depending on how bad the pool is. It’s a messy job so have a bin close by.
  2. Brush the walls and floor thoroughly with a pool broom. What you miss will affect the outcome of the green pool treatment. Recommend brushing early morning or late afternoon as it can be very tiring in the heat of the day. This job is very important you need to scrub the algae off every surface, including the steps and safety ledge.
  3. Adjust pH to 7.2-7.6.
  4. Turn pump and filter system off.
  5. Clean out pump and skimmer baskets and replace lids.
  6. Depending on pool size add at least 2 x 20L liquid chlorine to the pool and run filtration. Pools greater than 50,000L may require 3-4 x 20L liquid chlorine.
  7. Change valve setting to Bypass for sand filters or remove cartridge filter and replace housing.
  8. Turn pump and filter system on.
  9. After 1 hour of recirculation, adjust the pH to 7.2-7.6.
  10. Add 1 litre Pool magic Broadcast Pool Magic while walking around the pool.
  11. Add 1 litre of Maxi floc. Pools greater than 50,000L may require 2-3L of Maxi FlocBroadcast Maxi Floc while walking around the pool.
  12. Fill pool water up to the top of the pool.
  13. Recirculate pool water for at least 4 hours.
  14. Switch all equipment off at the power point including any heating equipment.
  15. Setup your manual pool vacuum and telescopic pole:
  16. Attach your vacuum head to your telescope pole
  17. Connect hose to vacuum head in the pool water
  18. Make sure hose is completely filled with water
  19. Attach the hose to the vacuum plate in the skimmer box – make sure both pump and skimmer basket are not broken.
  20. Allow pool to settle for 24 hours. Leave the vacuum set up ready for the final vacuum to waste – Do not scrub or stir up pool until after vacuum is completed.
  21. Once pool has settled & you can see the bottom you may turn the multi-port valve to waste and switch on the system.
  22. Vacuum pool to Waste. You don’t want to vacuum pool too quick as it can stir up the bottom and cause cloudiness. Take your time.
  23. Once vacuum is complete you may now turn filtration back on and backwash sand filters before returning the system to filter.
  24. Retest pool and calibrate levels.

For further technical support visit or call 08 6118 4310.