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Aquatek Fibreglass Sand Filter

We have just released our very own Fibreglass Sand Filter Aquatek!

Our Aquatek Fibreglass Sand Filters are made of high-density material and anti-corrosive, these are indestructible and will last you many years, maybe decades even.

The Aquatek Fibreglass Sand Filter have a 6-way, multiport valve which ensures your pool stay crystal clear with every cycle.

Is your pool constantly dirty? Do you want to remove unwanted particles and pollutants? Then the Aquatek Fibreglass Sand Filter 25″ 40mm designed by Poolshop Online, is the product for you!

There are six high-performance multiport valves on the Aquatek Fibreglass Sand Filter , ensuring optimum filter operation every time. For backwashing visibility and easy reading of the operating pressure, each Aquatek Sand Filter are equipped with an oil-filed pressure gauge on the waste line, as well as a clear sight glass for ease of reading the operating pressure.

Designed with a high-capacity tank, this filter ensures hassle-free filtration all year long. Aquatek Sand Filter come with a whopping 10-year warranty on the tank, plus 1-year warranty on the valves and gauges.

It can be retrofitted into existing sand filter pipework with minimal plumbing changes. Just use the easy fit 40mm or 50mm unions provided.



  • Compact and light weight.
  • 40mm – 50mm
  • UV resistant tank.
  • Heavy duty ring-lock lid allows easy cleaning and replacement of the cartridge element.
  • Screw type air bleeder for easy removal of trapped air inside the filter tank.
  • High quality oil filled pressure gauge for easy inspection of the operation pressure.
  • Application to swimming pool & spa.


  • All Protek Cartridge filters come with 2-year warranty on the tank.
  • 1 year warranty on the cartridge element and all other components.
Aquatek Fibreglass Sand Filter