Supa Soke Granules

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Supa Soke Granules

GRANULATED SUPA SOKE is a highly effective, easy to apply, premium grade wetting agent which when applied dramatically increases the ability of repellent soils to absorb and retain moisture. Eliminates dry patches and run-off and promotes and enhances existing plant life.

All garden soils contain organic matter which, when dry, actually repel water and is extremely difficult to re-wet. The evaporation of moisture during warm or hot weather can cause water repellency, which can have a disastrous effect on pot plants and hanging baskets. On lawns and grassed areas the problem manifests itself as a dry patch or brown patch. These are areas of grass which, for no apparent reason have turned brown while surrounding areas remain lush and green.


  • Reduce surface tension allowing moisture to penetrate already dried out organic matter, allowing deep and complete soaking of treated areas
  • Through effective wetting, maximize the distribution of fertilizers throughout treated areas.
  • Retain water for longer periods of time.
  • Reduce evaporation and run-off – thereby reducing the necessity to apply water as frequently.
  • Allow for significant cost savings in water.
  • Allows for uniform water dispersion and permit natural drainage.
  • Not cause root rot and is nontoxic to plant life.
  • Remain active in your soil for up to 12 months.
  • Be economical, as 10 kilograms will treat 125 square metres.

Suitable for use on

Lawns, Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, Flower Beds, Parks, Ornamental Pots and Baskets.


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