Algaecide Winteriser 1L

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Winter can be a challenging time for pool owners, but our algaecide winteriser can help keep your pool clean and healthy all season long. Our specially formulated algaecide is designed to prevent the growth of algae, even in cold and harsh conditions. It works by breaking down and eliminating any existing algae, while also creating a protective barrier to prevent future growth. This easy-to-use product is suitable for all types of swimming pools and is safe for use with other pool chemicals. With our algaecide winteriser, you can enjoy a crystal-clear pool year-round, with minimal maintenance and hassle. Trust us to help you keep your pool in top condition, even during the winter months.

Customer Reviews

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Joe Q.
pool magic

great advice great product did the job clean my pool will be reordering again to put in thriugh winter

Bob M.

Haven’t used it yet

Patricia b.
Awesome product

Love this product, I use it in the winter and it keeps my pool from going that gross green colour