Madimack Inverter Plus 1.1kW

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Madimack Inverter Plus 1.1kW

Madimack Inverter Plus 1.1kW converts a single speed pool pump to variable speed pool pump. You save on running costs, extend the life of your pool pump and reduce noise levels significantly.

Energy Savings – Greener and cost effective

A typical pool pump runs at single speed consuming about 1kW an hour costing 30-40c an hour depending on what state you are in. That can total up to $800 a year or more for larger pools. This inverter technology can reduce power input from 1kW an hour at full speed to just 110W at 1200 RPM – equal to a lightbulb – just 4 cents an hour.

Quieter Operation and Simple Installation

Up to 20 times quieter than a standard single speed pump.  Plug and play installation, no electrician required or additional hardware needed.

Intuitive Touch Screen Control

On display, real time energy savings displayed

ROI within 1 year

The Inverter Plus is Madimack’s latest energy saver.  It is a ‘plug’n play’ variable speed controller for backyard swimming pool pumps. Turning an energy-guzzling single-speed-pool-pump into an efficient variable-speed-pool-pump.  This innovative unit is simply retrofitted to an existing single-speed-pool-pump, producing up to 80% instant energy & cost savings.

Buy a Madimack Inverter Plus 1.1kW and start saving!

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Installation Guide & Manual