Supa Soke Liquid

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Supa Soke

SUPA SOKE is a highly effective wetting agent which when applied dramatically increases your soil’s ability to absorb and retain moisture therefore promoting and enhancing existing plant life.

All garden soils contain organic matter which when dry, actually repel water and is extremely difficult to re-wet. The evaporation of moisture during warm or hot weather can cause water repellency which can have a disastrous effect on pot plants and hanging baskets. On lawns and grassed areas the problem manifests itself as a dry patch or brown patch. These are areas of grass which, for no apparent reason have turned brown while surrounding areas remain lush and green.


  • Reduce surface tension, allowing moisture to penetrate already dried out organic matter, allowing deep and complete soaking of treated areas.
  • Through effective wetting, maximize the distribution of soluble fertilizers throughout treated areas.
  • Retain water for longer periods of time.
  • Reduce evaporation and run-off – thereby reducing the necessity to apply water as frequently.
  • Allow for significant cost savings in water.
  • Allows for even water dispersion and permit natural drainage.
  • Not cause root rot and is non toxic to plant life.
  • Remain active in your soil for up to 12 months.
  • Be economical as 1 litre will treat 200 square metres of your garden.

Suitable for use on

Lawns, Golf Courses, Tennis Courts, Flower Beds, Parks, Ornamental Pots and Baskets.



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