Lemonex Disinfectant 5L

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Lemonex Disinfectant - 5L

LEMONEX is a powerful quaternary disinfectant with excellent detergent/cleaning properties.

It is designed to clean all types of surfaces and then leave surface fully sanitised. The pleasant lemon fragrance is strongly residual and will leave the surface smelling fresh and clean.

LEMONEX is virucidal at the rate of 40ml per L.

Lemonex Appearance

LEMONEX is a non-viscous yellow liquid with a strong lemon fragrance

Lemonex Usage

LEMONEX finds application both commercially and domestically for the sanitation and cleaning of bathroom, washroom, toilet and ablution areas. LEMONEX is also suitable in kitchen areas. In commercial food processing operations, sanitising should be achieved using QUAT CLEAN, PROXITANE or SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE.

Dilute LEMONEX at 1:25 with water. To ensure complete sanitation ensure a contact time of at least 5 minutes. In dirty conditions use LEMONEX diluted 1 part LEMONEX to 3 parts water and ensure contact time of 5 minutes.

For cleaning without sanitation dilute LEMONEX 1:200 with warm water. For ablution areas, toilet bowls and urinals use LEMONEX at full strength to get a lingering fresh smell of lemons.

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